The most effective vibration isolator in its class

Mechanical vibration and vibration induced noise are often major sources of occupant complaints in modern buildings. Lighter weight construction in new buildings has made these buildings more susceptible to vibration related problems.

AVANT vibration isolators tested using sinusoidal vibration methods are shown to effectively dampen vibrations by an average of 70 times (see graph), markedly minimising the vibration energy transmitted to the building structure and the level of vibration felt by building occupants. AVANT also works as a shock absorber for mechanical equipment, significantly improving the longevity of machine life by actively reducing the vibration and shock caused by moving parts.

Made from high-grade elastomeric neoprene, AVANT is designed specifically to reduce and isolate vibrations from condensers, air conditioning units, generators, compressors and other mechanical equipment. AVANT’s corrugated surface is slip resistant, further reducing noise amplification.

Testing provided by Compliance Engineering Pty Ltd. Dec. 2015.

1 AVANT per 50kg of mechanical unit weight, or 4 per unit if under 200kg.